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How to Book through Foxy Kittens Escort Agency

Once you've found a lady who appeals to you, simply call your area number (using the grey button top right) and our helpful escort reception staff will facilitate meeting your lady at the location of your choice. Alternatively, you may want to book your escort online using our quick and convenient form.

Foxy Kittens West London Escort Agency

Foxy Kittens have been a registered, professional escort agency since 2005. We represent escorts in the London boroughs of Acton, Ealing, Earls Court, Fulham, Hammersmith, Harrow, Hayes, Kensington and Putney, along with other boroughs and districts of West London.

Because of our more than 14 years of service, you can be assured when you book an escort through Foxy Kittens escort agency that you will receive a top quality, discrete and courteous experience.

Those experienced, professional escorts now on duty can be seen at Tonight's Escorts. For advance booking, you should view the West London escort gallery, a visual list of all escorts who cover West London, from where you can visit each escort's profile.

Our West London Escorts

We observe a strict selection process before we represent an escort. This ensures only escorts who are previously experienced are logged on our systems. Our strict conduct guidelines are set out in the terms and conditions both escorts and their chauffeurs must abide by, thus ensuring high service levels, appropriate behaviour and client confidentiality. Only after conducting a successful personal interview held by one of the directors is an escort permitted to hold liaisons with our clientele.

Our escorts offer a number of services to fulfill your wishes. You might want a professional GFE (girl friend experience), perhaps a visit to the theatre, a meal and then the romantic trimmings afterwards. Whatever specific requirements you may have, you can view each escort's profile and find one that suits you.

We make available only experienced, discrete and professional adult London escorts.

Choosing Your Escort

An immediate place to start is with our night escorts page, showing those escorts who are available right now and ready for your company. Their profile pages hold their vital statistics, where you can learn about their diverse culinary tastes, music preferences and favourite scents and drinks. You'll also see the types of service they offer. We further provide extensive escort reviews to further assist in the selection process. Once you've found your perfect escort, you can either call the West London area line on 07954 396 779 or contact Foxy Kittens escort agency using the booking form accessible from each escort's profile page.

We want to ensure you enjoy a memorable experience when you book an escort with Foxy Kittens escort agency, especially if this is your first time with a professional escort. Don't worry if you feel shy or a little nervous you can call and chat with one of our helpful receptionists but if you prefer to contact by email then we would be happy to respond to any questions you may have concerning the escort experience.

London Escort Rates

Our standard escort rates are clearly set out with no hidden charges, and no additional costs for the duration of your London escort visit - unless you choose to extend the visit, whereupon the set rates apply. However, you might want to contact us on 07954 396 779 to discuss your requirements, particularly if you want additional services or have an extended or overnight visit in mind. We're quite willing to discuss a discounted rate for lengthy engagements of where more than a single London escort is required. A fixed cost will be agreed, again without hidden charges.

Foxy Kittens Escort Agency

Foxy Kittens escort agency refer only out-call girls, this means they will visit you at your home or hotel, or can happily meet you at a restaurant or bar if you have something special in mind. Our escorts are not employees of the escort agency; we act solely as a liaison between client and escort.

The Agency's Mobile Website

Unlike many escort agencies with an online presence, Foxy Kittens have developed a dedicated mobile site which you might like visit (don't forget to drop it as an app onto your phone's home page). Just select your area and you'll see a list of escorts active in your area. Just like the main site, you can view escort profiles, their bios and reviews.

West London and Locales

The areas of London covered by our escorts

The Escort's Image

Every escort photo you see is a genuine unadulterated image, that has either been uploaded by the escort or been taken at our photographic studio. This is our WYSIWYG policy: what you see is what you get. At the request of the escort, we may occasionally obliterate specific distinguishing features, like tattoos, to protect their personal identities. Or we may blur their face for the same reason. Even busy escorts have private lives.

A Small Selection of Our Escorts Who Cover West London

Towns and Boroughs Visited by our West London Escorts

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