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Regardless of where you live in Peterborough, Foxy Kittens can have an escort arrive at your door in no time. We arrange escorts in Peterborough Central, and work within Crowland, Eye, Helpston, Oundle, Parnwell, Stilton, Werrington, Whittley and Yaxley among other towns and villages in the area.

Foxy Kittens have been operating since 2005 as a registered, professional escort agency. Our comprehensive knowledge of escort services is second to none and we make every effort to ensure your desires are met.

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City of Peterborough

As with the Cambridgeshire county city of Cambridge, Peterborough has a long history reaching back to the Bronze Age with significant Roman presence, notably a fortified garrison housing some 3,000 soldiers. No doubt there were a significant number of Peterborough escorts and courtesans in attendance for the officers and troops.

One of Peterborough's more significant architectural features is its cathedral. Originally simply a church when constructed in 655, the edifice was completely rebuilt after being consumed by fire in 1116 and although augmented throughout the ages, remains structurally true to its origins and is regarded as a classic example of Gothic construction. The then cathedral was damaged during the Civil War when Roundhead troops ransacked it, destroying significant structures as well as priceless medieval decoration and historical records. Peterborough was in the thick of the Civil War, being a divided city split equally between the Roundheads and the Royalists

Growth and Prosperity

With the defeat of the Royalists Peterborough settled down to a period of 200 years of relatively undisturbed growth. It was with the advent of the railways in the mid 1800s that heralded more sustained economic growth. The once market town was transformed into a centre for industry, particularly brick building which exploited the considerable clay deposits.

The early 1930s saw the creation of one of Peterborough's then largest employers, Perkins (diesel) Engines, employing at its peak nearly one tenth of the local labour force. As with any booming town, the growth in the workforce would have also attracted a greater number of escorts in Peterborough.

After being designated a New Town in 1967, Peterborough undertook a residential housing initiative which has been continuing on and off ever since. To support the burgeoning population (nearly 50% growth in 20 years from 1971) a new shopping centre - Queensgate - was opened in 1982. And growth continues today with city centre regeneration and urban redevelopment projects. Foxy Kittens escort agency operates Peterborough escorts throughout the town and its suburbs.

Where to go with Your Escorts in Peterborough

The question of where to go with your Peterborough escort should not present too much of a problem. There are many pubs, clubs and bars in the town to help lighten the mood. Later, a romantic meal at one of the many local restaurants will set the mood for the night ahead. Choose from Chinese, Indian or Nepalese, Thai and Italian or more culturally exclusive Polish, Japanese and Mexican restaurants.

For those wanting to take their escort to a show, the Key Theatre offers diverse entertainment from local productions to touring shows and concerts. Or specifically for film buffs, Peterborough sports a Showcase 13-screen cinema

Invite Your Peterborough Escorts to a Hotel

There are a number of great hotels in Peterborough to visit with your escort. If you're from out of town, here are just a few:

Take Your Peterborough Escorts to a Restaurant

Enjoy an evening meal with your escort in one of Peterborough's many restaurants. Here are just a few:

Show Your Peterborough Escorts a Romantic Comedy

Visit one of the many cinemas or theatres in Peterborough and share an emotional experience. Here are just a few:

Out-call or In-call Escorts

Out-call escorts generally visit their clients at their home address or a hotel room, although some clients prefer an extremely discrete liaison and prefer to meet at a neutral location like a pub, restaurant or even cinema or theatre. Foxy Kittens operate an out-call service.

In-call escorts invite the client to their place of residence or to a hotel room. Some high class have the wherewithal to maintain a number of apartments both at home and abroad, and invite clients to visit for an hour or two, or use the apartment as a place of residence during extended client stays.

Foxy Kittens do not operate an in-call service; however, we can recommend the Escort Agent ( should you require in-call escort services.

Peterborough and Suburbs

Places to visit with your escort

Types of Escort Services

Romantic Escorts offer an opportunity to re-engage in socialising with a prospective partner, whether through bereavement, a broken relationship or when life takes a sudden turn for good or ill and the individual feels it's time to get back into the swing of things.

We can provide that companionship with one of our Peterborough escorts, whether you want a meeting at home or at a romantic location.

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