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How to Book through Foxy Kittens Escort Agency

Once you've found a lady who appeals to you, simply call your area number (using the grey button top right) and our helpful escort reception staff will facilitate meeting your lady at the location of your choice. Alternatively, you may want to book your escort online using our quick and convenient form.

Foxy Kittens Central London Escorts

Foxy Kittens are a registered, professional escort agency operating across London. We represent escorts in the London boroughs of Bishopsgate, Chelsea, Fenchurch Street, Fleet Street, Strand, West Brompton and Westminster along with other boroughs and districts of Central London.

We are now expanding within London and have been facilitating client / escort liaisons for more than 14 years, and you can therefore rest assured you can book an escort through a lawful, discrete and courteous escort agency when you call us or place an online request for an escort.

Our range of immediately available, experienced, professional escorts can be seen at Tonight's Escorts or if you're thinking of booking in advance of a special occasion or if you're flying in to the City, you can pre-book from a selection of escorts on our Central London escort gallery page.

Quality Escorts from a Quality Escort Agency

We provide a range of escorts offering various services to meet your requirements - whether for companionship on what could otherwise be a lonely night, through to a professional girlfriend experience.

Our selection process ensures only escorts who have had prior experience are placed on our systems, and observe strict guidelines and set out stringent terms and conditions that both escorts and their chauffeurs must abide by at all times. This ensures a consistent high calibre of service and guarantees client confidentiality.

Each escort is interviewed personally by the directors before they are permitted to meet our clientele.

We provide experienced, discrete adult London escorts.

How to Choose Your Escort

View from our selection of night escorts for immediate company. View their statistics on their profile pages and learn about their tastes in food, music and perfumes and their type of service, GFE (girl friend experience), for instance. You can read extensive escort reviews to help you select the right escort for you. You might want to draw up a short-list and check their availability, after which you can either call the Central London area line on 07954 396 779 or contact us using our booking form that can be accessed from each escort's profile page.

If this is your first time with an escort you can always contact our friendly receptionists who will be able to select the best girl for you and place you in your comfort zone. We all have to start somewhere and we can guarantee you a memorable first time experience when you start with Foxy Kittens escort agency.

London Escort Rates

Because our girls visit you there are no hidden charges, no extra surprise costs - unless you want to pamper them. No girl will decline a meal at a good restaurant. You can view our set escort rates or you can simply call us on 07954 396 779 and discuss your requirements to get an exact cost for your requirements. We always are willing to discuss a discounted rate for a protracted period of fun with one or, indeed, more of our escorts.

Escort Agency Mobile Site

To make it easy for you, we have developed a dedicated mobile site which you might like to drop onto the home page of your phone, just like an app. Simply select your area and you'll be presented with a list of active escorts, along with their bios and reviews.

Introductory Escort Agency

Foxy Kittens escort agency operate only out-call girls, meaning that they come to you wherever you may be, at home, at a hotel, or can meet you at a restaurant or bar. We do not employ our girls but simply act as a liaison between client and escort.

Escort Images

All of our escort images are genuine photographs, either submitted by the escort or taken at our photographic studio, so you know if she's busty, brunette, or an alluring blue-eyed blonde. Just visit our galleries as see for yourself. WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get! The only time we will ever touch up a specific part of an image is to disguise a distinguishing feature such as a clearly visible tattoo. Discretion is not reserved only for clients; we respect our escorts' wishes.

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