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No matter how large the metropolis you live in or visit, Foxy Kittens has an escort for you. We cover Birmingham, embracing the city and boroughs of Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Walsall among many other towns and villages in the locale.

Foxy Kittens are a registered, professional escort agency and have been operating since 2005. Our knowledge of escorts is second to none and we pride ourselves on the presenting the right girl to satisfy your emotional or physical needs.

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City of Birmingham

Birmingham grew to prominence during the industrial revolution with the advent of the steam engine and the construction of what we now recognise as the modern factor. Achievements in the engineering and chemical industry saw Birmingham's growth flourish, and by the Victorian period, evolve as the second largest city in the UK with its population swelling to a half million souls and earning the right to city status.

However, Birmingham was severely damaged during World War II since, as a principal seat of industry, it was targeted for heavy bombing which also demolished tens of thousands of residential properties.

The process of rebuilding and regeneration began in the '50s and continued through to the '70s, aided in good part by the influx of immigrants encouraged to settle in the UK during the post war period to bolster the workforce necessary for redevelopment and industrial growth. Birmingham became one of the more affluent cities in Britain with white and blue collar incomes often exceeding those found in London and the prosperous south.

Places to Take Your Escorts in Birmingham

If you're a theatre or film lover there are numerous places to take your Birmingham escort. The classic Birmingham Repertory Theatre was the breeding ground for many famous British actors, Other theatres include the Alexandra Theatre and, of course, the Birmingham Hippodrome, the Old Rep and Crescent Theatre, to name just a few dotted in and around Birmingham city centre.

And those wanting a touch of nostalgia should not miss a chance to take their Birmingham escorts to the Electric Cinema, one of the oldest operating cinemas in the UK. Or, for a more immersing experience, visit the Giant Screen Cinema in the recently developed and growing Millennium Point, home to the largest screen in the West Midlands. There is also the Vue Cinema complex in Star City, a 25-screen mega cinema with at least half a dozen films to suit your Birmingham escorts.

Birmingham Nightlife

Broad street is the place to visit with your Birmingham escort if you want to experience the best in Birmingham's night life entertainment, with many clubs, bars and restaurant remaining open until the small hours.

If you fancy a pub, the place to go is the Irish Quarter, where you can drink the night away!

Or perhaps you want a taste or the Orient. The Chinese Quarter features many buildings with Chinese architectural adornments as well as a huge pagoda at the centre of exotic gardens.

But regardless of the many great places to see and things to do, unless you're with a great escort it all amounts to very little. Foxy Kittens' Birmingham escorts won't let you down. Our escorts are as advertised, meaning that there is no photo retouching (apart from obscuring features or distinguishing marks when requested by our escorts), no contrived escort profile statistics or descriptions, and no falsified escort reviews. No. What you see is what you can expect to get.

Our Birmingham escorts are the real McCoy: sexy, beautiful, articulate, humorous, intelligent, discrete and great fun to be around - in public and in private - when you need special companionship.

Modern Birmingham

During this period of growth Birmingham has absorbed outlying towns and suburbs and has seen its county boundaries change. Originally part of Warwickshire it now resides as the principal city of the West Midlands and now incorporates many areas of Worcestershire and Staffordshire.

Birmingham has experienced a steady decline in manufacturing form the hay-days of the Industrial Revolution with a less than national average 10% of population involved in the manufacture of goods. The service, banking and exhibition industries now account for much employment, as does the retail trade, with the revamped Bullring shopping centre now the UK's busiest retail centre. And the National Exhibition Centre - a huge promotional venue - is home to first class performances from artists across the globe, as well as hosting prestigious annual events. A great place to visit with your Birmingham escorts.

Birmingham and Suburbs

Places to visit with your escort
Take your Birmingham escort to the theatre

Professional Escorts

Our selection process ensures only professional Birmingham escorts who have had prior experience are entered onto our systems. Our escorts observe strict guidelines, and we set out stringent terms and conditions that both escorts and their chauffeurs must abide by at all times. This ensures a consistent high calibre of service and guarantees client confidentiality.

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