Driver Terms & Conditions

All jobs will be covered in existing and expanding Foxy Kittens Areas

The security of your escort is paramount at all times.

As a driver, you work under your own volition. If at any time you feel you do not wish to accept a particular job, you are at liberty to do so; however, you must inform the Foxy office of your decision immediately.


1. You must have:

  • 1.1 A working sat nav, preferably a Tom Tom
  • 1.2 A note pad to records details and pens
  • 1.3 A counterfeit bank note detector pen (available from Staples and other offices suppliers)
  • 1.4 A primary mobile with sufficient credit to last every night you work
  • 1.5 Call waiting enabled on your phone to ensure the office can contact you or
  • 1.6 A backup mobile operating on a different network to cover areas with weak coverage
  • 1.7 A minimum of a half a tank of fuel at the start of your night, preferably a full tank.
  • 1.8 A minimum of 3 years driving experience with a full driving license.
  • 1.9 A good and clear verbal and written understanding of the English language.

2. Your vehicle must be road legal. You must ensure:

  • 2.1 All tyres are fit for the road
  • 2.2 All turn indicators are working
  • 2.3 All headlamps and rear lights and breaking lamps are working
  • 2.4 All legally required seatbelts are functional
  • 2.5 There are no faults with the engine / gearbox.

3. You conduct yourself appropriately:

  • 3.1 Escorts, Clients and other Driver’s information is confidential, and you must neverdiscuss this with anyone while working with Foxy Kittens or after you leave the business
    • 3.1.1 You are committing a Criminal Offense under the Data Protection Act by:-
    • 3.1.2 Unlawfully obtaining, disclosing, or procuring the disclosure of personal data
    • 3.1.3 Selling, or offering to sell, personal data which has been unlawfully obtained
  • 3.2 Do not fraternise with our clients (customers, escorts or other drivers) or members of staff
  • 3.3 Do not disrespect our clients (customers, escorts or other drivers) or members of staff
  • 3.4 Be professional at all times towards our clients (customers, escorts or other drivers) and members of staff
  • 3.5 You must keep the office informed of your whereabouts at all times since it is important for clients to know a rough time of arrival
  • 3.6 You will be dismissed immediately if you are caught stealing from the company in any way. This also includes attempting not to declare the odd hour when it should be booked through the agency. This is also enforced on nights the escorts are booked off but a client wants to see them. Everything must be booked through the office
  • 3.7 You must not use alcohol or drugs whilst on company time
  • 3.8 You must not carry any form of illegal drugs in your vehicle
  • 3.9 Other forms of prescribed medication should be declared during your interview.

4. Accommodate the Client

  • 4.1 When clients make reasonable requests, try to accommodate them. They may want a packet of cigarettes, a trip down the road to a cashpoint, or even a quick meal like a pizza. Do not refuse clients a reasonable request. Remember, it is your income. If clients request their escort stay remain hour but do not have the cash to pay, it is in your interests to accommodate them

5. Payments

  • 5.1 When a client makes a payment by credit/debit card the driver must ensure the payee is the owner of the card, that the number on the card is the same as that given to the office and that a supporting form of identification is provided, such as a utility bill or driving license
  • 5.2 When payment is made by cash, the driver much check each note with a counterfeit detection pen, prior to leaving the client premises, to ensure no fake banknotes are passed. The driver should alert the office immediately any suspicious notes are received.

6. Penalties

  • 6.1 A £20 will be applied if you if you drop the escort you’re driving home before you inform the office
  • 6.2 A £20 will be applied if you do not at the end of the escort engagement take the escort you have been driving to his/her home address and make sure (s)he is home safely (watch him/her go through their door)
  • 6.3 A £20 will be applied if you do not inform the office of your whereabouts if you move to a different location or head to one of the escort’s own bookings (full details can be given once you arrive but please give a postcode).

7. Payments Received

  • 7.1 You are responsible for agency money received from clients, which must be handed into the office on a daily basis OR banked on the Monday immediately following the Sunday of the prior week of business.
  • 7.2 Any theft of client payments will result in instant dismissal and criminal prosecution.

8. Self Employment

  • 8.1 You are at all times self-employed whilst driving for Foxy Kittens, so please register. We have forms in the office. See HM Revenue & Customs for further details.

9. Termination

  • 9.1 When you no longer work as a driver with Foxy Kittens, you must surrender all information you may hold on any and all clients to a staff member. This may include address details, phone, email or other contact points held on paper or other media. You must also erase any details held in electronic format, such a mobile phone memory or any other storage device.
  • 9.2 Failure to comply with point 9.1 is considered a breach of contract and may result in criminal prosecution.